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2004 Race Results
Click here for a video overview of the Race Route by Frank Pullano!
AIR RACING!! The words conjure up visions of events from the dawn of the aviation age to today. With origins in 1909 at Reims, France, air racing rapidly evolved into closely followed events like the Bendix Transcontinental Speed Dash which became the proving ground for America's newest aircraft as aircraft designers were spurred to build better, faster aircraft. Formula One Air Racing arose in 1947 to continue this tradition with the top racers using NASA technology to reach speeds approaching 300 mph on the same engine that powers a Cessna 150 to barely 100 mph. And today, thousands upon thousands of spectators can experience the excitement of real air racing by multiple classes of aircraft up close and personal at the Reno National Championship Air Races.
AVCUP Racers on Sport Aviation Cover - 9/06
Yet one does not have to have an unlimited budget and professional training to actually participate in the excitement of air racing! A group of dedicated volunteers and the EAA has organized a safe and tremendously FUN cross-country race that is open to ALL EAA members that replicates the excitement of the Bendix Trophy Races of yesteryear and showcases the advances of aviation's future. It is an event that is marked by a sense of camaraderie, of family, that is unique. Everyone is welcome AND everyone is welcoming. One might find oneself chatting with a former Reno champion or altitude world record holder but you would never know it. These Racers are people share the love of flight and of the machines which carry them on airborne adventures. Everyone is free with advice and help is never far away for someone with mechanical problems or any other need. Expertise in a myriad of fields of aircraft homebuilding is freely given even in this arena of friendly competition. And no matter the ranking of the race times, everyone goes home a winner and the better for having participated.

Take a close look at the Airventure Cup. Those participating represent the breadth and depth of Sport Aviation. Hopefully, YOU will participate in the next Race to carry on AND add to this proud tradition!

AirVenture Cup 2004 Race Route
Still shots from Frank Pullano's 2004 Race Video (click for larger version)
Click here for teaser trailer #1 from Frank Pullano's 2004 AirVenture Cup Race video!
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