Hangar 18
The Hangar 18 Team: (L-R) Brad Flecker, Malcolm Collier, Jason Fleming, and Ruthie Jay with their latest creation, the beautiful Velocity XL RG N99KT

Malcolm and Hangar 18 have moved since the days of building N724X. Although most of the crew has moved on to other things, Malcolm continues to provide superb services.

New Contact Information:

Malcom Collier, Hangar 18 1218A Donaldson Road Greenville, SC 32935

Phone: 864-277-0873; email: hangar18cas@earthlink.net


Malcolm Collier has been building airplanes for years and was involved with Velocity since the early days of Danny Maher. An enormously talented and resourceful builder, he founded Hangar 18 to refine and streamline Velocity building techniques. To date, he and his crew have built 17 complete Velocity aircraft and have provided highly polished subassembly builds corresponding to the factory's current fast-build options for more than 20 others. Malcolm is a true master craftsman who is unbending in his quest to make every build as perfect as possible. His standards are impeccable, his workmanship, superb.

Malcolm's other passion is building models, in particular WW II warbirds. After inspecting a tiny model, detailed right down to the seatbelt buckles and readable (!) instrument gauges, it is clear his standards for precision and excellence extend even to here. He is a regular in the local hobby store, on the wall of which hangs the above photo together with pictures of other model builders and their projects. It is labelled: "Velocity XL RG model, scale 1:1"

Malcolm and Hangar 18 can be reached by email at hangar18cas@earthlink.net or by phone at (864) 277-0873.

The Hangar 18 Crew
Head honcho, Malcolm Collier, brings years of experience in composite aircraft building to streamlining Velocity aircraft construction. Many currently flying Velocity's have benefited from his techniques and innovations.
Brad Flecker is Hangar 18's resident windows and doors guru. He is largely responsible for one of hangar 18's signature options, flush window installation. He and Malcolm recently developed a technique to make door installation significantly easier. He is also a talented muscian and has recently been spending his spare time restoring a '65 Chevelle as seen below
Ruthie Jay is a veritable magician with fiberglass layups. Complex layers seemingly fly on and end up clean and neat with nary a strand out of place or an extra ounce of epoxy to be found.
Jason Fleming brings extensive experience in finishing and wing building from his years with Alan Shaw at Wingco. At right, Jason demonstrates a keen sense of balance and razor-sharp reflexes as he goes for a jaunt on his unicycle.
Mr. H is Hangar 18's official mascot. Not to worry though: he doesn't live at the shop. (click photo for larger picture) He is a Burmese Python, a big Burmese Python. How large you ask? Click here to find out, but don't say I didn't warn you! (Hint: Malcom is 6 foot 6.)

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