Velocity XL RG N724X - First Flight December 9, 2001

On 12/9/01, Velocity XL RG N724X , flew for the first time. The day was beautiful, everything was finally in order. With a throaty roar from a Lycoming engine, N724X lept into the air and began his first flight. How did it go? Why don't you ride along and see for yourself? The photos below are frames from the 9 minute 14 second QuickTime movie of our test flight, saved in different sizes. Select a link corresponding to the desired file size from below. Enjoy!!

UPDATED First Flight Video Available with music and higher resolution, larger presentation in improved MP4 format (74.6 megs). For best results, please control or right-click link and download to your computer to view. QuickTime for Windows available here.

Small Video 160 x 120 = 25.3 megs
Medium Video 240 x 180 = 41.9 megs
Large Video 320 x 240 = 111.5 megs

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