An Oshkosh Miracle!!

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The miracle continues! Malcolm at Liberal, KS. (LBL) We ended up doing some more tinkering on N724X with the help of Mr. Lyddon of Lyddon Aero Center, Inc. He and his crew were fantastic and after determining that the alternator itself was the problem, allowed Malcolm and I to use his shop's tools and equipment to effect repairs. Malcolm and I met many helpful people that day but in the end, N724X was stashed in a hangar and we ended up in a rental car driving to Albuquerque - Ugh! I was reminded how much I hate driving long distances as we drove the 6 hours necessary to cross the distance of a less than 2 hour flight. Thanks to Mark Langdoll, Malcolm and I returned a week later with a new alternator which, when installed, worked perfectly. The Airventure 2002 journey was nearly complete!