An Oshkosh Miracle!!

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While inspecting the plane after landing at OSH, an abnormal side to side play in the nosegear was noted. The reason was readily apparent: the gussets supporting the pivot point of the nosegear had cracked all around! Further flight with the gear in that condition seemed imprudent so what to do? Nathan Rigaud and Scott Swing were an amazing help in strategizing the fix. Where to find a welder??? Not too far from N724X's tiedown, in sight as a matter of fact, was the EAA welder's workshop! I spoke to Joe of Lincoln Electric who volunteered to fix the part if I would bring it to the worshop building. He was surprised when he saw an entire plane roll up, pushed by Malcolm Hart, Jeff Barnes, and Nathan Rigaud past several forums worth of surprised OSH-goers. A few milk crates supplied by the now alerted EAA Chapter 75 Emergency Repair Barn crewmembers allowed the plane to be propped up and the nosegear partially pulled out to be repaired.