Building Velocity XL RG N724X
'Impossible Dreams'

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Velocity XL RG N724X was built starting in September 2000 and first flew on 12/9/01. I think it's still fair to say that my plane is a work in progress. This project continues to enrich my life beyond words: I am continually challenged to master new skills and areas of knowledge. I have become closer to my parents who are now avid participants in the project, thus allowing me to give back to them some small fraction of what they have given to me. I've made new friends all over the world by joining the Velocity and canard family. It's been a LOT of fun and will continue to be! It is my hope in sharing the beauty of this wondrous machine, the magic of the 'footless halls of air' in which we pilots tread, and the glories of the landscapes over which we soar, that the reader may be inspired to pursue his or her own 'Impossible Dreams' All the Best!

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