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Velocity XL RG N724X was built starting in September 2001 and first flew on 12/9/01. I think it's still fair to say that my plane is a work in progress. You can get an idea of the progress over time by perusing the list of web site updates below (I'll try to clean up the list and make it more comprehensible at some point in the future. First, however, the site needs some reorganizing and several fun picture sections need to be added!). Further entries will be added as new sections appear.

12/6/03 - Added photos from a cross-country to Kingman, AZ taken 11/30/03

8/30/03 'Painting N724X' - see the paint job process to completion!

12/19/02 'An Oshkosh Miracle!' (See what happened to N724X at Airventure 2002)

8/18/02 - Updated the entire web site to reflect my move to Albuquerque, NM! A short version of a Java applet slide show above added! New page: 'Building N724X Slide Show' - scrolling slide show of entire build from kit to first XC trip! Be aware that you might have to wait a few moments while the photos load before the show starts. Click on a photo that catches your eye and you'll be transported to the appropriate section!

3/2/02 - New Section: THE VOYAGE HOME! Cross country journey from Florida to Iowa. Also added Wingcam Part III section illustrating installation of copilot side wingletcam housing and camera controls. Updated Engine section again with a few detail shots. More to come: some tinkering, and some observations on flying this fantastic plane!

12/09/01 - FIRST FLIGHT!!

Added NEW sections for First Flight, More Flight Testing, More Detail Work. Updated Instrument Panel, Homestretch and Wingcam Part II sections. Want to ride along on N724X's maiden voyage? Take a look at the First Flight Video page!

12/6/01 - Added 'Homestretch!' section; updated Systems Work III, Engine, Instrument Panel sections. 11/30/01 - Updated Systems Work III and Engine Cooling II sections. 11/21/01 - Added 'Wingroot Oil Cooler' section; updated Systems Work III, Wingcam II, Wings II, Engine Cooling II, Air inlet/Outlet Scoops and Air induction System sections. 11/11/01 - Added Systems Work III, 'Trip to Velocity', 'Landing Gear, Wheels, Brakes' and Air Induction System sections; updated Systems Work I, Air Inlets/Oulet, Engine, Wingcam II, Wings II, Instrument Panel, Engine Cooling II and More Controls sections. 10/22/01 - Updated More Controls, Systems Work I and II, Wingcam II, Engine Cooling System, Air inlets/Outlet. Added Wings II and Engine Cooling Sytem Part II sections. 10/16/01 - Updated Instrument Panel, Engine Cooling, Engine, More Controls, Wingcam II, Systems Work II, Canard Cover, Fairings 10/11/01 - Added Systems Work II, updated Systems Work I, Engine Cooling, Instrument Panel (panel fired up!), More Controls. 10/06/01 - Updated Systems Work, Engine, More Cotrols, Engine Cooling sections. 9/24/01 - Updated Instrument Panel (overhead switch panel), More Controls and Systems Work. 9/15/01 - Updated More Controls, Systems Work. Wiring process of Instrument Panel now displayed. 9/12/01 - Updated Engine, More Controls, Air Inlets, Systems Work sections. NEW photos of panel with equipment installed in Instrument Panel section. Updated web site list. Please let me know if there are others!! 9/9/01 - Added Systems Work and More Controls sections. Updated Air Inlets, Instrument Panel 9/1/01 - Added More NACA scoops, Air Inlets, Canard Cover sections. Updated Instrument Panel, Wingcam II, Engine Cooling sections. 8/22/01 - Added Engine Cooling System section, updated Engine, Wings, Wingcam II, Instrument Panel sections. 7/25/01 - Added WINGCAM PART II section to detail shaping the lower winglet and camera installation. 7/19/01: INSTRUMENT PANEL section updated - Building the Carbon fiber Instrument Panel. Also, just for fun: "Flipping N724X!!" slide show. ENGINE, FAIRINGS and WINGS updates. 7/8/01: Updated the WINGCAM section. Final diagrams and initial construction of tooling and mounts. Updated WINGS and ENGINE sections (Captions to come soon).6/23/01: Added Engine section. More to come in next few weeks! 6/18/01: Added PRELIMINARY sketch of wing cam installation and photos of the acrylic domes to be used in the 'Wingcam' section. 5/26/01: Added pics of finish work in 'Wings' section.; 5/18/2001: More finish work in 'Fairings' and 'Cowling'. Some modifications in 'Wings' Soon to come - Engine Install!; 4/28/01: Overhead air plenum, completion of overhead carbon beams in 'Final Structure 2'; Canard tips faired and shaped, multiple views of assembled plane in 'Fairings'; 4/21/01: Finishing up the remaining structural components (the airframe is virtually complete!) see 'NACA scoops, Final Structure', 'Final Structure Part II', 'Canard', 'Controls', 'Wings' and 'Fairings' sections for details. See the 'Wingcam' section for details installing a camera in the lower winglet.

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