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I've also tried to summarize all information on the Internet that I know of regarding Velocity airplanes to aid others in learning about this wonderful kitplane. You'll find a table of links here. Enjoy!

(If you have a site you want me to list or know where some of the defunct links have gone, let me know!)

Other Velocity Builders and Owners Web Sites
I am grateful for the efforts of other Velocity builders and owners who have displayed their pride and joys online - it certainly helped make my decision easier and has been valuable in the build process. All sites of which I am aware are listed below in no particular order. They range from simple snapshots to detailed builders logs. All are interesting! If you have a site and would like to be listed here (even if it's just a picture or two of your bird!), please let me know and I will add it here.
Richard Gwinn's Velocity XL RG Project Chris Barber's Velocity SE N17010 Ronnie and Mott Velocity N713MR Don Hamm - Building a Velocity SUV! Tony Babb's Velocity SE Project
Hiroo's Velocity Project Simon Aegerter's Velocity Jack Reeder's Velocity Photo Album Jack Reeder's Velocity Project EAA Page Tim Crawford's Velocity Elite N6Q
Harold Swarthout's Velocity Project John Cervini's Velocity Project Brett Ferrell & Elizabeth Szoke's Velocity Project Bob Hugel's Velocity Elite Project Velocity-air - builders home page
Dave Karas' Velocity N308DK Album Chris Martin's Velocity XL RG, N494CM Jack Reeder's Velocity Project Jean Prudhomme Velocity N274JP First Flight & 'Alien II' XL RG N1UT Builder's Page
Album: Millin Velocity XL FG Glenn and Robin's Velocity Elite RG Nick and Connie's Velocity XL RG The Boesen & Caldarale family Velocity FG Build Pics Rick Lavoie's Standard Velocity RG N570
Dean May's Velocity XL RG Pics Ulrich Christen's Velocity XL RG, N244CU Mike Pollock's Velocity 173RG N173DT
EAA Centenial Homebuilt Aircraft

The EAA gave special recognition to experimental aircraft completed between December 17, 2002 December 31, 2003 to commererate a century of powered flight. This included the following Velocity planes

Ronnie Brown's Velocity 173 Elite RG N713MR Michael Schmitt's Velocity 173 Elite RG N72M Joe Schiferl's Velocity 173 Elite RG N42XX Mel Bina's Velocity 173 Elite RG N14B
Ulrich Christen's Velocity XL RG N244CU Rene' Dugas' Velocity XL RG N129RD Pierce A. Harris' Velocity XL RG N7ZE Scott Jones' Velocity XL RG N609SD
Douglas A. Doers & John P. Brooks DeltaHawk Velocity Elite RGN211JP Jack Sheehan's Velocity XL RG N55XL Kevin and Brooke Steiner's Velocity Elite LW FG N111VX
Related Links
Velocity Aircraft - Factory Website Cozy Aircraft - Mark IV Official Site Rutan Aircraft
Unofficial Cozy Builders Site EZ Squadron
Canard Aviators Mailing List Archive EAA Website AOPA Website
Defunct Links

The links below seem to be inactive. However, the internet being what it is, it is often possible to retrieve information from inactive sites. If these links no longer work, try running them through the Wayback Machine at

The links below are the most active super clone hublot purchase links on the internet the-best-c-1077_1142.html

Velocity XL Construction Log -- Home Built Kit Aircraft Daniel Augusto Monteiro's Velocity PT-ZDM (in Portuguese) Mitch Ide's Velocity XL RG "Dove" Final Construction/First Flight Rick and Deb's Velocity RG Project High Speed Aviation: The Home of the Auto-Conversion Velocity
Bob Kuc Velocity 173 FGE Door Simon Aegerter Home-Page EAA Chapter 620 Photo Fly-in - Bernard Despins Velocity Project Al Gietzen Velocity
Rhino Rob's Velocity XL RG, the 'Rhino Rocket' Dave Brown's Velocity STD RG, N83AD Michalk Velocity Builder's Log Mitch Ide Velocity Family Album
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